Chris Fest

Meeting to celebrate Christopher Pope as a scientist and friend, September 27th-29th 2023

We bring together esteemed physicists, researchers, and academics from around the world to pay tribute to his extraordinary career. As a renowned figure in the field of physics, Christopher Pope has made groundbreaking contributions to theoretical physics, cosmology, and quantum field theory, with particularly important impacts on string theory, supergravity, black holes, and consistent truncations. His visionary insights and tireless dedication have greatly enriched our understanding of the universe and inspired generations of scientists. This workshop will feature a series of captivating talks and discussions, providing a platform for esteemed colleagues and collaborators of Christopher Pope to share their latest research and insights. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations with leading experts in the field. The workshop will encompass a wide range of topics, including gravitational physics, quantum field theory, the nature of black holes, string theory advancements, supergravity applications, and consistent truncations. We are honored to have an exceptional lineup of speakers who will present their work and reflect on the profound influence Christopher Pope has had on the scientific community. Their presentations will highlight the breadth and depth of his contributions to string theory, supergravity, black holes, and consistent truncations, showcasing the impact he has made on our understanding of the fundamental principles governing the cosmos. ChatGPT